FAMILY ARTISTIC RESIDENCE with children from 2 to 5 years *

Movement – Creativity – Improvisation – Live music

Open Space is a place opened to movement and creativity, where adults can explore and share ideas and artistic experiences together with children, immersed in nature just a few meters from the sea.

The main activities proposed will be the Kid iMpro and the Feldenkrais method®. The program can be also enriched by further activities proposed extemporaneously by the participants.

The residence will take place at Feotto, an ancient farm by the sea in Fiumefreddo di Sicilia, a small village near Catania, in Sicily. It is possible to stay in a tent and, under reservation, in small houses.

* Big sisters and brothers are very welcome. Children under the age of 2, can participate if they are already independent in the movement.



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