KidiMpro is a performative practice of movement and improvisation, open to families with children from the 18th month of age, who explore together their body, gestures, movement, voice and creativity.

The improvisational techniques, proposed through play, are based on elements of dance-theater and contact improvisation.

During the course, small children, not yet able to correctly verbalize their requests, communicate to adults their desires and needs with a common language: the movement of the body and the sounds of the voice.

In spontaneous and sincere gestures inspired by children, adults rediscover their own childhood and establish an unusually extraordinary dialogue with their children.

In a game of encounters and touches, laughter and gibberish, leaps and rolls, children and adults move together in a child-friendly space and share it in an alternative way to the daily routine, discovering new levels of communication.

Small and big actors spontaneously create authentic performative acts and make each meeting unique.