Stefania Milazzo was born in Catania, Sicily (Italy). She has worked for many years in Dresden (Germany) as a freelance performer and videomaker/photographer. She also teaches performance to adults and improvisation theater-dance to elementary school and kindergarden children.

She has graduated in molecular biology and after her studies, she has worked for several years as a researcher in UK and Germany. Simultaneously to her studies, she studied film and photography in Catania and Rome (Sentieri Selvaggi) and she practiced Feldenkrais method®, improvisation dance, contact improvisation and italian folk dance in UK, Germany and Italy with Thomas Kampe, Ray Chung, Heike Pourian, Emma Scialfa and Margherita Badalà. So that at some point of her career, she decided to quit her job as biologist and to deep her research and knowledge into movement, dance and image.

So far she has worked in different international and integration dance-theatre projects with people with disabilities and migration backgrounds in Germany (Visioni Theatergruppe – proforma performance Gruppe – Conduco e.V. – TPZ – FAS), Italy (I cuori rivelati – Sicularte – Oscena Urbana – Dance Attack) and Morokko (TimidArt) and presented her films and photos at international film festivals and exhibitions.  She also developed the Water Dance, a discipline that combines her 13-year old practice in synchro swimming with contact improvisation, which is suitable for young people, adults and people with disabilities.

In Dresden she is part of  the performing arts collective bunterum, that offers interactive performances for families with young children from 2 years old.

Stefania also created a new improvisation practice – KidiMpro – for families with young children from 18 months.

At the moment she is back in Sicily, working as school teacher and performer.