Visioni is an inclusion theatre project with young people and adults from Dresden, Germany.

“Schau mich an!”¬† is the¬†Documentary about the VISIONI theatre project in 2016:
Directed by Stefania Milazzo, Richard Stuhr, Dirk Lehmann
Musik Steffi Grunzel and Arthus Klingner
Cosumes and Stage:Anja Martin
Make up: Anett Bulano Light Daniel Rentzsch
Special guest Elena Rosa

Actors:Viktor Lenk; Kerstin Steyer; Pierre Zinke; Sophie Sonnerborn; Eva Boljahn; Leonard Kretschmer; Lisa Maria Hanto; Maria Effenberger; Janine Zschaber; Sebastian Both; Henning Kubatzsch; Sabine Boljahn; Stefania Milazzo,Richard Stuhr, Dirk Lehmann.

Financed by Aktion Mensch.

Landesbuehne Sachsen Radebeul und Statdtteilhaus Dresden

Visioni Theatergruppe Dresden