This is a popular Italian folk dance, originally from the Salento peninsula (in Apulia region). People dance this tarantella as a couple or in a group. The workshop introduce to the rhythm and to the simple steps and choreography of Pizzica Pizzica.

(Das ist ein beliebter italienischer Volkstanz, der urspr├╝nglich von der Halbinsel Salento – in der Region Apulien – stammt. Die Leute tanzen diese Tarantella als Paar oder in einer Gruppe. Der Workshop f├╝hrt in den Rhythmus und in die einfachen Schritte und Choreografien von Pizzica Pizzica ein).


Some Comments after Pizzica Workshop at the VHS Dresden:

I could feel your Home Country”; “It was really nice and smooth the way we got in touch with the Dance”; “Would love to dance in the street and make a street Fest”; ” It’s nice to follow the rhythm and not be worried the steps are not exact. It was really easy going!”; “The Body awareness exercises led us to the dance in a simple way”; “Nice to know that no matters how the steps look like, you can still enjoy the music!”; “In italy mistakes are allowed whereas in germany are not”; “Warming down calmed all us and brought us into the inner peace”.

Dresden, 6 December 2014